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You certainly know the right thing to wear...
I have held the following positions within my chapter:

Fall 2012:
VP of Communications
Alumnae Relations
To Dragma Reporter
Fall 2013:
VP of Standards
VP of Academics
All 2014
Keeper of the Ritual
Song Leader
VP of Communications
Alumnae Relations


I have a bad habit of assuming I’ve annoyed people, and it usually ends up with me dropping communication and hoping they’ll be the ones to continue it.

Who all is going to Leadership Institute??

I’m filling in for our CP. I wanna know who I might get to meet!!!

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Track: "The Weight Of Us"
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Sooooo New Member Retreat was interesting tonight…

Our New Member Ed and me went to dinner with our new member that is being initiated tomorrow night at Chilli’s…

Well Amber and I were sitting in perfect view of the bar. These two guys were sitting and eying us..

Well they left and then one came back and asked “So my friend made this bet with me that one of you would know how Jack Harkness is and get the reference. I bet him $20 you guys wouldn’t.”

I made him lose the bet… 

Then he came back in and asked for Amber’s number.. But the other guy who thought I was cute didn’t have the balls too..

It was so precious though and it really made mine and Amber’s night. Although we both were laughing that she should have given him my number instead of her own!